SOLSTICIO DE VERANO, narrative short
19’ (2019)


Clara returns to her grandparents' house to celebrate the festivity of San Juan with her younger brothers. Mireia, the youngest, has been living in the house whilst finishing her studies.

Despite the siblings' intention to relive their childhood's summer memories, the trip becomes a wheel of tension and silence when they discover that Mireia is prostituting herself with a neighbor from the village that is much older than her.

Solsticio de Verano won Best Short Film at the 64th SEMINCI Film Festival in Valladolid, Spain.


Aida Folch
Jan Cornet
Blanca Valletbó
Ferran Vilajosana
Jèrôme Terral


Director: Carlota González-Adrio
Writers: Carlota González-Adrio and Tomàs Bayo
Producer: Greta Díaz Moreau
DP: Àlvar Riu Dolz
Sound: Sarah Romero
Edit: Anna J. Valenciano
Music: Francisco Tárrega
Produced by ESCAC Films


Year: 2019
Country: Spain
Duration: 19'