NATURALE, experimental short
20’ (2021)

A bright and heavy sun presents Naturale's stage: a desertic and lonely world where only a few remain. A young woman dares to escape from the constant of her community's daily tradition and starts a journey towards what she thinks will announce her much-awaited freedom. What happens next is the eternal human cycle we can't seem to escape.

The authors, all from small towns in Spain, created this piece reflecting on their inner conflict about family, tradition, and identity. Of modern life versus connection to the earth, and how we insist on controlling and destroying the nature that holds us, fierce, untamed and beautiful.

The film was created for violist Jennifer Stumm to accompany her performance of the music piece Naturale by Luciano Berio, for viola, tape and percussion. The film premiered at the 24th Delft Chamber Music Festival in 2021. 


Greta Díaz Moreau
Jennifer Stumm


Directing and story: Abel Carbajal, Greta Díaz Moreau and Josep Piñol
Acting Coach: Guillem Gefaell
Producer: Pau Perez Puig
DP: Biel Capellas
Colorist: Marti Somoza
Editor: Greta Díaz Moreau
VFX: Abel Carbajal
Costume Designer: Nadja Stadtvoigt
Make Up and Hair: Maia Díaz Moreau
Animal Wrangler: Kai Ventura
FX Props: Cristina Iglesias


Year: 2021
Country: Spain
Duration: 20’

Stills from Natulare, 2021