Arrulla, narrative short (2023)

After his father's death, Nicolás, a young and talented musician who has spent his entire life in the Delta de l'Ebre, will have to assume the inevitable inheritance of being the new patriarch of the house. The relationship with his mother and sister will draw one day and a half before the burial, in which sadness and the uncertainty of where to go next will weigh on each action and sentence pronounced. Nicolás will have to find the possibility of forgiving his father for not accepting his dreams or his masculinity. His forgiveness will remain doubtful until the end, symbolized by a goodbye song.


Lluís Martínez
Violeta Rodríguez
Mercé Mariner


Writer/Director: Greta Díaz Moreau
Executive Producers: Greta Díaz Moreau and Max de Rosselló
Producer: Potrina Cònsul
DP: Àlvar Riu Dolz
Prod. Design: Laia N. Pazos and Maria Carreté Calvet
Costume: Marta Martinez
Edit: Carlos Hernández
Music: Lluís Martínez
Sound mix: David Gascón


Year: 2023
Country: Spain
Duration: 15'

Stills from Arrulla, 2023